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atlien927's Journal

27 September 1978
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Be nice to me...I am new here! A little about me, briefly: Me: 30 yo blk male, single as HELL, Libra (9/27), INTP on Myers-Brigg, left handed, masc, hairy, dangeroulsy in love with Kanye West but like all kinds of music (did you catch that Bea reference?), wicked sense of humor, have a B.A. in English (dont be fooled by my typing), love to write, friendly, moved to the Atlanta area from Florida in early 2005, addicted to text messaging, more of a homebody, light drinker, non-smoker, D/D free, getting ready for grad school..going back for my MA in something or another.

Perfectly flawed. For your consideration: I mumble. Good tooth to gum ratio. Not a fan of mayo...yuck. I curse too much. Loyal friend. Good kisser but let's brush our teeth first. I snore. Short attention span. Can't dance but never had a complaint about my rhythm. No kids. No pets. No plants.

It appears that thirty really is the new twenty. Loving it!

"Passion in ordinary people can produce extraordinary things." - Unknown